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Lyft Line

Lyft Line

One of my favorite projects. Before it was Lyft Line, before it became half of rides requested—it was a crazy idea. My job was to bring this new carpooling product to life through branding and UI copy, and help our founders articulate their vision. After naming Line, I wrote all its app flows, web pages, ads, videos, emails, and style rules.


Our vision was to bring the best of Lyft—real-time matching, door-to-door convenience, and community—into a new carpooling mode.

The Challenges

1. Getting the public excited about carpooling. With the exception of sustainability and transportation policy wonks, there was little excitement for carpooling. How could we drive user adoption and media buzz?

2. Combating existing assumptions about carpooling. Squished minivans, time-consuming coordination, sprawling routes... Carpooling has existed since WWII but never experienced mass adoption.

3. Getting riders to learn new IRL behaviors while maintaining ease-of-use. New behaviors ranged from requiring riders to set their destination upfront (easy) to getting them into cars within a minute so they didn't hold up entire routes (HARD VERY HARD).

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“Every day, 90% of Lyfts have someone else taking the same trip within five minutes. So we wondered: What if we connected them? And created a new way to ride.”


Lyft Line landing page